IMS Limited is a key distributor for a range of premium products aimed at the commercial vehicle market, including leading brands; SAF-Holland, VSE, X-Steering, HALLCO, Haacon and Alex Rims. IMS is the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the complete range of SAF-Holland products and sole distributor of HALLCO in the UK and mainland Europe with partner SAF Benelux.

IMS supports its distributorships with unrivalled sales advice, technical support and aftermarket service.

To discover more about the range of brands we represent and the many ways we support our customers, please contact us on 01509 600 185 or

IMS Limited Brands & Products


See the ForFarmers VSE-equipped steering trailer in action

Every day, ForFarmers delivers thousands of tons of feed to farmers situated in some of the most inaccessible rural locations in the UK you can imagine. And yet they manage to easily manoeuvre full-sized tipping trailers into places you wouldn’t think possible courtesy of their VSE, intelligent steering system equipped trailers. Click to see a short video showing how a skilfully driven VSE trailer gets a full ForFarmers load into a farm buried deep within the Shropshire countryside.

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SAF-Holland extends the guarantee on INTRA & INTRA CD to cover all applications.

Trailer builders and operators can enjoy even greater peace of mind when they specify SAF-Holland by virtue of SAF’s extended guarantee. SAF-Holland is universally…

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Book IMS to deliver manufacturer-accredited training for your company

Here at IMS we run a range of manufacturer accredited training programmes in support of all of the premium brand products we distribute.  In…

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Watch HALLCO’s Brute Drive system make quick work of dispensing another awkward load

When it comes to moving difficult wet loads, ECOGANIX, leading waste management company, know the score which is why they operate HALLCO Live Floor® equipped trailers. Their trailers use the front-mounted Brute Drive, matched to a leakproof sub-deck to transport loads up and down the country for processing.

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Check out the latest edition of The Leader

We’ve included a number of items we hope you’ll find of interest such as new SAF-Holland product information, the IMS training support initiative plus…

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IMS Limited Demonstration Vehicle

The IMS Limited Demonstration Vehicle is on schedule to hit the streets.

The VW Crafter Sales Demonstration vehicle is currently being prepped and will soon be ready to take IMS Limited’s commercial vehicle solutions message on the road.

It’s being kitted out with SAF Holland products and detailed information on the complete range of premium quality products and services IMS provides. We’ll be publishing details shortly on the tour schedule and how you can arrange for it to make a visit to your organisation.

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SAF Holland

One of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality axles and suspension systems, fifth wheels, landing gear and kingpins for trailer manufacturers.

SAF-Holland is continually developing solutions to meet customers’ needs in an environment of rising costs, shrinking margins and tightened regulations.

Supreme reliability and efficiency combined with the use of weight-reduced components lower lifetime trailer operating costs.

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The VSE low maintenance Electro-hydraulic Trailer Steering System is the lightest and most advanced steering system available today.

Fully configurable, it offers exceptional manoeuvrability without sacrificing load capacity or stability, allowing operators to replace rigid prime movers and small ‘urban trailers’ thereby maximising the cost-efficiency of urban deliveries.

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…the ultra-affordable active mechanical trailer steering system that lets operators deliver more load to those difficult locations not accessible with a conventional, fixed-axle trailer of the same length.

X-Steering offers fuel savings of up to 12%, tyre life extended up to four times, better load distribution, smaller trucks required.

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…the original and best Live Floor system. Drive Units & Decking Solutions for every industry. Tested and proven for over 40 years, and still innovating today.

Superb versatility; combine the type of drive and slat to perfectly match your application.

Move wet loads with no leaks – reposition loads precisely for optimum axle loading – low, easy in-situ maintenance–even with a fully laden trailer – simple and quick installation into almost any trailer – patented SnapLink bearings: totally stable and extremely robust

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Industrial systems – a range of reliable hoisting systems manufactured in Germany to a very high standard of quality and with bespoke specifications.

Haacon’s military systems, also manufactured in Germany, include a range of highly innovative products designed to perform under some of the harshest operating conditions in the world and have provided solutions to a significant number of military organisations for over 60 years.

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Alex Rims

Alex Rims forged aluminium wheels are half the weight of steel wheels and have been proven to extend tyre and brake life as well as reducing fuel costs. They are produced using a combination of the best alloys available using a process developed over many years.

They require minimal cleaning and come with a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

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