HALLCO - The Original Live Floor System

For moving the most difficult of loads in the most extreme environments. Distributed exclusively through IMS Limited.

HALLCO Drive Units & Decking Solutions for every industry. Tested and proven for over 40 years, and still innovating today.

Live Floor equipped trailers remove the need for tipping for unloading making them ideal for operating in situations with height restrictions or where tipping trailers would have an unacceptable environmental impact. Transport even the most awkward loads to practically anywhere, including to locations within buildings, right to the point of manufacture or processing. And while in transit, the system allows for the accurate repositioning of loads for optimum axle loading.

Leading UK waste reprocessing company Ecoganix have equipped two of their trailers with HALLCO leakproof live floors which are matched to front mounted BRUTE DRIVE units.  You can watch one of the Ecoganix trailers making short work of dispensing another tricky load by clicking here.

Uniquely, HALLCO Live Floors install quickly and smoothly into virtually any trailer and are designed to allow for in-situ maintenance, even when a trailer is fully loaded.

  • Superb versatility; combine the type of drive and slat to perfectly match your application
  • Move wet loads with no leaks
  • Reposition loads precisely for optimum axle loading
  • Low, easy in-situ maintenance–even with a fully laden trailer
  • Simple and quick installation into almost any trailer
  • Patented Snaplink bearings: totally stable and extremely robust

HALLCO Accelerator - the next step in drive unit technology

Accelerator-techIncrease your unloading speed by up to 30%!

The Accelerator is a patented and highly innovative enhancement that can further improve your unloading efficiency.

Not all loads require the full force of the 3-step cycle and so with Accelerator fitted to your HALLCO Live Floor equipped trailer, you could unload by up to 30% faster by switching from a 3-step to a 2-step cycle–and all on the fly!