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Dextra Group specify SAF INTRA and Tire Pilot

23rd January 2020

Dextra Group is based in Gillingham, Dorset and is at the cutting edge of luminaire development.  It is now the UK’s largest privately owned lighting manufacturer, providing lighting solutions for all facets of the lighting industry.  Dextra operates a ‘working week’ delivery policy with a wholly owned distribution facility and liveried fleet serving a wide and diverse range of outlets across the UK, Ireland and Europe, including site deliveries.

Because Dextra manufacturers in the UK and adopts a ‘just in time’ work ethic, having an efficient and reliable fleet is essential to the smooth running of the organisation.  Dextra Operations Director, Tim Pickford, explains why they chose SAF-HOLLAND axles for their new trailers. “We specified SAF axles and suspension along with the Tire Pilot inflation system for our new trailers on the basis of further optimising operational efficiency.  The proven reliability of the SAF INTRA family of axles is naturally very important to us, as is the light weight of the system which enables us to maximise payload.  And Tire Pilot brings us significant savings not only in terms of tyre wear, but also fuel economy as the trailer tyres are maintained at exactly the right pressure, reducing rolling resistance, thereby saving fuel.  Overall it’s showed itself to be a very efficient unit which is why we’ve recently ordered more trailers to the same specification.”

A key part of Dextra’s distribution facility is its onsite vehicle workshop, managed by Chris Davies, who said: “We like SAF axles simply because they’re extremely rugged and yet have fewer components so they’re quicker and easier to work on.  Also, we get really long service life from pads and discs on SAF axles which means less time required by our technicians.  Tire Pilot does a great job of looking after the tyres so the trailer spends more time on the road delivering our products rather than being sat here in the workshop.”

Dextra’s eye-catching fleet can regularly be seen traversing the UK, Ireland and European road network delivering high-efficiency lighting solutions using appropriately efficient, SAF-equipped semi-trailers.

For more information about the complete SAF-HOLLAND range and other premium quality products offering meaningful cost savings, class-leading operational efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding service life, please email: info@group-ims.com