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SAF INTRA PC welcomes minimum sentence of 10 years’ hard labour

24th January 2020

SAF INTRA PC (Premium Coated) axles and suspension systems are manufactured to operate flawlessly on icy, snow-covered roads making them the real storm troopers of the trailer axle world.  The special zinc coating makes INTRA PC resistant to the harshest road and weather conditions imaginable, shrugging off ultra-corrosive de-icing salts with ease.  This means tippers, tankers and silo trailers will benefit from the longer service life of their axles and overall greater economic efficiency.  And because of the confidence SAF have in INTRA PC, they’re offering a 10 year anti-corrosion warranty on the additional coating.

De-icing salts ensure traffic safety on motorways, highways and inner-city roads covered in ice or snow. These salts, however, are controversial and their use is regulated in many places.  De-icing salts are harmful to trees and plants on the roadside, polluting groundwater and causing corrosion damage on bridges, road surfaces and of course, vehicles.

SAF-HOLLAND’s premium coating is applied using the optimised three-layer PREMIUM COATED process.  The axle is first sand-blasted before a cathodic dip coating is applied. The component is then primed with a zinc-based powder coating, which protects against corrosion and offers excellent mechanical properties.  As the zinc-based paint is applied using an electro-static process, it reliably reaches even hidden corners, recesses and cavities. The process is completed with a cover layer and a grey top coat which can be painted over individually.

“The high zinc content in the coating achieves superb corrosion protection values – for long value retention and higher economic efficiency of the vehicles,” says SAF-HOLLAND CEO Alexander Geis. The greater durability and the well-maintained appearance of the axles additionally provide fleet operators with a higher resale value, in particular on high-quality tanker and silo bodies. PREMIUM COATED is available as an option for all SAF INTRA suspension systems in the 9-ton range.

SAF-HOLLAND is currently the only trailer axle manufacturer offering this additional high performance coating on 9-ton axles which, with the 10 year warranty against corrosion, makes SAF INTRA PC the perfect choice for fleet operators regularly running their semi trailers in the worst weather conditions.

For more information about the complete SAF-HOLLAND range and other premium quality products offering meaningful cost savings, class-leading operational efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding service life, please contact info@group-ims.com