• Proven SAF INTRA CD quality, combined with a POCLAIN hydraulic auxiliary drive system
  • Optimised for use on tippers and walking floor equipped trailers on construction or landfill sites
  • Assists on difficult surfaces with starts after tipping or on slopes
  • Powered by the tractor unit hydraulics
  • Can be activated from the driver’s cab
  • Great flexibility – use of different tractors with 2-circuit hydraulics
  • SAF INTRA TRAK can be retrofitted to existing trailers with ease


Features and benefits

WINNER OF THE TRAILER INNOVATION AWARD 2017: The SAF INTRA CD TRAK supports the truck on inclines and difficult terrain, using a hydraulically driven Motor – simply by pressing a button.

For the first time as standard in the trailer: The hydraulically driven SAF INTRA CD TRAK axle brings drive to the trailer – simply by pressing a button.

The new SAF INTRA CD TRAK is optimised for trailers in the 9t standard range – both on-road and off-road. Specially developed for dump trailers and walking floor vehicles operating in the area of construction sites or landfills, the drive axle supports the truck on inclines and difficult terrain with its integrated additional drive. The special motor takes the required performance precisely where it is needed – right to the trailer. Here the drive axle carries the full axle load and is able to transmit complete drive torque. The hydraulically driven motor is long-lasting and low in maintenance, thereby ensuring that the new trailer axle has an exceptionally long service life.

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