SAF Hercules Landing Leg

SAF Hercules

Tried, tested and appreciated worldwide.  High quality, cost-effectiveness and reliability combined with a very long service life – the reasons why landing gear from SAF-HOLLAND has an excellent international reputation.

Our landing gear is ideal for very different scenarios, from the icy cold of Scandinavia to the shimmering desert heat of the Middle East.  Ease of use and fantastic functional reliability mean that little force is required, taking some of the strain of daily coupling and uncoupling.  The SAF Hercules comes with or without gearbox.


SAF 3D backplate

  • Continuous 10-hole 3D backplate guarantees a variety of mounting options and facilitates the replacement of landing gear on the market

SAF gearbox

  • External, compact gearbox with low installation depth enables easy inspection when needed
  • The impact-resistant gearbox with a special seal is suitable for use in harsh operating conditions
  • Switch easily between high and low gear

Additional advantages

  • Weight-optimised: 8 kg weight reduction per set compared to the SAF TITAN Pro
  • Special coating provides long-term protection against environmental factors and stone chipping
  • Web-based spare part identification via QR code on the support legs