A two-piece brake disc, manufactured by compound casting the disc and adapter separately from different materials.

This world first INTEGRAL system is light weight, low on maintenance and perfect for 9 tonne air suspension units, self-steering axle units, or off-road air suspension units, all with either 22.5” or 19.5” disc brakes.

  • Completely sealed and maintenance-free hub unit
  • Patented ‘Safe Guard’ suspension arm to protect brake cylinders from damage
  • Exceptionally long service life of pads and discs
  • Additional ventilation channels
  • Ideal for trailers, tippers and pavers
  • Also available as a self-steering axle
  • INTEGRAL guarantee* *500,000km up to 3 years with 22.5” discs and 350,000km up to 2 years with 19.5” discs against continuous cracks in brake discs on trailers, according to the SAF-HOLLAND guarantee conditions.
  • INTRA CD (Custom Design) version for operation on difficult terrain

Features and benefits

The two-piece brake disc that is one of a kind worldwide. This design principle protects the material and prolongs its service life.

Proven over decades in the trailer area: The special design principle of the SAF INTRADISC plus INTEGRAL protects the material and significantly improves the service life of the brake disc.

Unlike conventional brake discs, the SAF INTEGRAL is a two-piece brake disc. It is manufactured in composite casting from different, specially matched materials and thus achieves a significantly higher economic efficiency in the trailer area.

The unique design principle prolongs the service life of the pads and the disc and, at the same time, achieves:

  • More km – less wear
  • Increased reliability
  • Higher operational efficiency
  • Greater economic efficiency
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