SAF Intradisc Plus Integral

A two-piece brake disc, manufactured by compound casting the disc and adapter separately from different materials.

This world first INTEGRAL system is light weight, low on maintenance and perfect for 9 tonne air suspension units, self-steering axle units, or off-road air suspension units, all with either 22.5” or 19.5” disc brakes.

  • Completely sealed and maintenance-free hub unit
  • Patented ‘Safe Guard’ suspension arm to protect brake cylinders from damage
  • Exceptionally long service life of pads and discs
  • Additional ventilation channels
  • Ideal for trailers, tippers and pavers
  • Also available as a self-steering axle
  • INTEGRAL guarantee* *500,000km up to 3 years with 22.5” discs and 350,000km up to 2 years with 19.5” discs against continuous cracks in brake discs on trailers, according to the SAF-HOLLAND guarantee conditions.
  • INTRA CD (Custom Design) version for operation on difficult terrain