An integrated suspension system for all transport companies and fleets that make special demands on
high reliability and practical ease of maintenance.

Tried and tested, this product is the lightest on the market and also comes with a self-steering
option. The weight is about the same as the SAF INTRADISC system and incorporates around 40% fewer
parts than rivals.

  • Completely sealed and maintenance-free hub unit
  • Functional suspension arm (protecting the shock absorber), 3D bush and axle beam, all maintenance free and inseparable
  • Exceptionally long service life of brake linings
  • 9 tonne on-road with 420 x 180mm drum brake
  • Also available as a self-steering axle
  • Ideal for trailers, tippers and pavers
  • Competence guarantee (subject to application)
  • INTRA CD (Custom Design) version for operation on difficult terrain

Features and benefits

The tried-and-tested SAF INTRA with drum brake and INTRADRUM technology is a winner in virtually any transport situation, with special functional reliability and unprecedented economic efficiency.

Perfectly thought-out: The SAF INTRA drum brake combines proven components into a successful system.
Efficient, profitable and virtually maintenance-free – the SAF INTRADRUM is a winner with its powerful and precisely matched components and guarantees planning reliability right from the first kilometre.

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