A complete modular suspension system for custom designed solutions, available from 6.5 to 14 tonne for the on-road and off-road market.

This system offers many variations and is suitable for low loaders, high volume megatrailers and specialist off-road vehicles.

  • A choice of 17.5″, 19.5″ or 22.5″drum or disc brakes
  • Available with INTEGRAL DISC brakes
  • Large variant in ride height range
  • Also available as a self-steering axle

Features and benefits

SAF MODUL is a complete modular suspension system for custom designed solutions from 7 to 14 ton: tailor-made solutions for your individual demands. Capacity: 7 to 14 t  Component selection is the strength of the MODUL suspension system. Regardless of your need for drum or disc brakes, rigid or steering axles, extremely low or particularly high ride heights, normal or extraordinarily long spring travel: the SAF MODUL system can be configured to meet your specific needs. 

The SAF MODUL system offers 10 suspension arm variations that can be equipped with disc or drum brakes. The disc brake technology is available for 17 axle types with two different wheel heads: with INTEGRAL-DISC for single wheels with offset 120 as well as with one-piece disc for single wheels with offset 0 and twin wheels. Or you may choose between 12 additional axle types with 6 different size drum brakes.

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