SEM SB Mechanical Trailer Steering System

The SEM single bar mechanical steering system is designed and engineered to exacting quality standards in the Netherlands. A distinct advantage of in-house expertise and production being that the facility can satisfy trailer builders’ bespoke requirements, quickly, efficiently and easily.

How it works:  With turntable steering the whole axle, including its suspension, is mounted to a turntable; when driving through a bend the whole axle rotates. The main advantages of this steering configuration are that they are relatively easy to manufacture/install and that axles equipped with single & twin tyres can be easily accommodated.

SEM benefits from IMS Group’s many years of experience and aligns itself with their existing network of partners to provide superlative support. SEM delivers throughout UK, Ireland & Europe and has a comprehensive service/support network. Personnel within these service points are fully trained for the maintenance of the SEM products. The parts facility also runs via the existing, established network.

SEM Single Bar system:  The primary component in the SEM SB system is a steering wedge. This is connected to the tractor fifth wheel, this enables the direct transfer of the steering motion to the rear axle(s) which are mounted on an axle mounting frame.

When the trailer is coupled to the truck, the steering- wedge locks into the fifth wheel of the truck. The trailer-mounted coupling plate and steering wedge rotate when the truck makes a turn, transferring the movement through the bar to the rear axle. The position of the bar on the fifth wheel unit and the axle mounting frame define the steering angle.

Key benefits:

  • Improves the manoeuvrability of the vehicle
  • Saves tyre wear
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Improvement of fuel costs
  • Reduction in damage costs
  • Constant & consistent steering behaviour (full or empty)
  • Reliable
  • Low maintenance
  • Bespoke requirements can be accommodated

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