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One of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality axles and suspension systems, fifth wheels, landing gear and kingpins for trailer manufacturers.

SAF-Holland is continually developing solutions to meet customers’ needs in an environment of rising costs, shrinking margins and tightened regulations.

Supreme reliability and efficiency combined with the use of weight-reduced components lower lifetime trailer operating costs.

The VSE low maintenance Electro-hydraulic Trailer Steering System is the lightest and most advanced steering system available today.

Fully configurable, it offers exceptional manoeuvrability without sacrificing load capacity or stability, allowing operators to replace rigid prime movers and small ‘urban trailers’ thereby maximising the cost-efficiency of urban deliveries.

IMS Limited now brings a range of new products to the UK market in the form of SEM Transport Solutions. With the addition of…

Alex Rims forged aluminium wheels are half the weight of steel wheels and have been proven to extend tyre and brake life as well as reducing fuel costs. They are produced using a combination of the best alloys available using a process developed over many years.

They require minimal cleaning and come with a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

IMS Racing exists because here at IMS we, like a lot of our customers, absolutely love motorsport; the atmosphere, the competition, the 100 octane…

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For over 30 years IMS has been supplying quality products that provide customers with meaningful cost savings, class-leading operational efficiency, low maintenance and outstanding service life.  The brands that IMS has selected to meet these criteria include SAF-Holland, VSE, Alex Rims and most recently SEM.  Click below to explore the guide.

IMS Interactive Guide

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A drum roll please for the new 19.5” INTRADRUM from SAF-Holland!

A 19.5” version of the tried, tested and highly-acclaimed SAF INTRADRUM, and has now added this to SAF’s expanding product line up.

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SAF-Holland INTRA Disc ABS Sensor replacement training video

A training video showing how to remove and replace the ABS sensor on a SAF INTRA Disc-equipped axle

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SAF-Holland INTRA Disc hub removal and replacement training video

A training video demonstrating the removal and replacement the hub on a SAF-Holland INTRA Disc-equipped axle

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SAF-Holland INTRA Disc caliper replacement training video

IMS training video demonstrating the process of replacing the caliper on a SAF-Holland INTRA Disc axle

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IMS LEGO competition winner!

IMS Sales and Marketing Manager, Ben McEvoy presents a thrilled Mark Allen of Payne Brothers (right), with his LEGO Mack Truck competition prize.

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SAF-Holland INTRA disc brake pad replacement (SAF caliper)

IMS training video showing how to replace the brake pads on a SAF-Holland INTRA Disc axle (SAF Caliper)

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SAF ASSIST: +49-6095-301-247

SAF ASSIST – the 24/7 emergency breakdown service for SAF-Holland UK customers

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