Green Steering - The affordable steering solution for all semi trailers

New to the UK and Ireland marketplace and distributed exclusively by IMS Limited.

Green Steering is a unique, patented and fully homologated, active mechanical trailer steering system which uses steered axles for vastly increased manoeuvrability.

This modular system offers significant advantages over other mechanical steered axle systems including a smaller turning radius and more stable road handling properties. Affordability, low maintenance, reduced fuel consumption, longer tyre service life and enhanced axle load distribution are just some of the additional benefits offered by Green Steering.

The Green Steering system uses a fifth wheel turntable that transfers the angle between the truck and the semi-trailer to the axles. The system can be delivered in different configurations, steering 1, 2 or 4 axles and is easily adjustable to different wheel bases. Another unique feature of the system are the steel cables which have every strand completely galvanised, twisted at precise angles and encased in a plastic matrix, all to last a lifetime and avoid rusting.

Green Steering - The benefits

  • Extreme manoeuvrability – also in reverse
  • Reduced turning radius
  • Progressive steering
  • Lower demands on prime mover
  • Up to 12% fuel saving = reduced CO2 emissions
  • Tyre life extended by up to 400%
  • Optimised load distribution
  • Shorter braking distances
  • Improved stability with higher loads
  • Comes pre-assembled so reduces trailer builders manufacturing time