VSE - The Intelligent Electro-Hydraulic Trailer Steering

IMS Limited is the sole UK & Ireland distributor for VSE – leading manufacturer of intelligent steering systems for trailers.

With the VSE system, operators have easy access to urban locations previously unreachable with conventional trailers. In many instances, a VSE-equipped trailer can replace rigid prime movers and ‘urban trailers’, which means fewer trucks in cities creating less noise and environmental impact. Logistics companies benefit through greater utilisation and increased load volume.

The VSE steering system allows use of a 13.6 metre trailer in any operation where a 12.6 metre urban trailer is normally used, and even a number of occasions where 10.5 metre urban trailers would typically be deployed. The system doesn’t rely on turntables at the front or the rear, so weight is significantly reduced as are the operating costs normally associated with the maintenance of turntables.

This innovative and highly configurable steering system is available from IMS for one to three steered axles and axle loads of 8 up to 12 T. It can be fitted to trailers with 17.5”, 19.5” and 22.5” rims; both single and double tyres.

You can see how ForFarmers manage to get one of their full-size, VSE-equipped tipping trailers into some awkward locations by clicking here.

VSE - the best steering solution for semi-trailers and drawbar trailers

  • Optimal manoeuvrability and less tyre wear without sacrificing load capacity
  • The lightest intelligent steering system on the market
  • No increase to the height of the chassis
  • Smart software, written for your trailer, ensures the perfect balance between turning radius and tail swing
  • Optimal stability at all times: steering is gradually reduced above 25 km/h, axles are rigid above 55 km/h
  • With the optional wireless remote control the trailer can be steered independently of the truck
  • No mechanical or hydraulic connections between the kingpin and the axles; a sensor measures the angle of rotation between the truck and trailer
  • For extendable trailers, the steering angle can be adjusted automatically in several steps
  • Allows trailer builders to offer their customers unique, cutting-edge trailer designs
  • The trailer can be attached at any angle
  • Semi-trailers and drawbar trailers can be fitted with one, two or three steered axles in every conceivable configuration
  • The VSE system is safe and reliable: already successfully installed in more than 50,000 trucks and trailers worldwide
  • Virtually maintenance-free – no need for lubrication points
  • Fully supported through IMS Limited’s highly-skilled service network